How To Achieve the "Model Off Duty" Look Sustainably

With fashion week upon us, it may seem imperative to invest in jaw-dropping clothing and accessories that will get you onto the pages of Vogue Street Style. If not Vogue, at least looks that will help you blend in with the fashion elite and 6-foot-tall models parading around the New York streets from show to show. 

With more fashion weeks happening each year than we can count, we also want to be mindful of our budgets and invest in pieces that will last and not go out of style. In this respect, I think the models are a perfect inspiration for us. They look stylish with ease and their coveted “model off duty look” never seems to veer too far off from season to season, making it easily accessible for everyone to emulate. Sure they may add a statement designer hand bag or the new must-have stiletto, but they generally all have their stylish staples that they mix and match to make each look their own.  

In order to help you achieve this look, we’ve compiled some of our favorite sustainable brands so you can always look stylish while knowing you’re not harming the environment. We admit it, these basics may seem a little overpriced but keep in mind you’re paying for the quality of fabrics, the workers' conditions, and the ethical standards of the factories. You can wear your white t-shirt more than once knowing it’ll keep its shape and won’t get tossed after a couple uses.