1) What are a few things you do to stay environmentally friendly?

Since a very young age I have been aware of how much we need to take care of natural resources. I started closing faucets while brushing my teeth. The idea of wasting water terrified me so much that I made every member of my household do the same... growing up I've learned many ways to be environmentally friendly even with the smallest actions. I have a shopping bag for groceries for the past 5 years and I try to carry in my handbags an empty reused plastic bag in case I need one after shopping in stores. If people look at me with judgmental eyes , I love to explain 'the  why' I do it so: Saving the planet one bag at a time. 

Also , I carry my ODC/ODM water can everywhere I go saving lots of plastic bottles and also by filtering the water I consume at home with my SOMA filter. I consume very little beauty products and try my best to use them all before buying a new one preventing waste. For transportation, I opt for riding the subway all year round and bikes during the summer. -Carrying your own bags around and using a reusable water bottle are some of the easiest things you can do to reduce your footprint! Kudos to you for sticking with it and spreading your message to others. 

2) Do you have any favorite sustainable or ethical clothing lines?

I'm recently more involved in finding new sustainable brands. First one I learned about is the LA based company 'Alternative' - but my biggest passion is clothing swaps! I have a lot of model friends and we are always exchanging clothes that we're tired of wearing - this way I get to have a fresh new closet every once in a while. 

3) What are some of your favorite organic beauty products?

I love to shop for organic. They are first on my list of beauty and food products. My skincare routine is done with all organic cleanser, tonic and serum from MŪN skin care- which I'm also the face of their brand. I love Evan Healy for their amazing Hidrosoles and clay masks. For my lip balm care I wear Pangea organics lip balm - smooth and highly moisturizing. Hair cair is essencial for who is always changing hair color and wearing heavy products due to modeling gigs. So I care so much for it , my favorite haircuts company is the Italian brand Davine's - locally sourced and organic farmed ingredients. 

4) On a day off, you’re heading to your favorite coffee shop. What are you wearing?

Comfy baggy clothes ... I love myself some sweat pants and shirts. I'm an eighties kid so I grew up on those sets !! Had it in all colors and shapes. On my feet sneakers ... or Birkenstockers ! 

5) Tell me about something you’re doing simultaneously with modeling that motivates you. Another job? A project? Volunteering? A hobby?

I love to write. Have been writing on journals all my life and I contributed for 5 years on a blog called

I'm now working on my first book about my modeling career. I also co-founded an organization in Brazil called The Heart Of Fashion - it has been around for more than 10 years and we have helped a lot of kids and seniors throughout this time. It's been so rewarding to be apart of such great group of friends gathered for the greater good- we have all worked as models or are still working in the industry. I'm also a spokesperson for the great organization called "Comida Invisivel" (invisible food) raising awareness against food wasting - from producing to the final consumers. -Such an inspiration to everyone... I can't wait to read your book!

6) In addition to modeling, what else may you be doing in your future, say 5 years from now?

In five years I see myself as a mom of two living in a 100% sustainable household near nature and the beach. To own a retreat where people can go to detoxify from technology and be treated with the most amazing food and activities for the body and soul.  -I love this idea, especially after living in New York for so long... I will gladly be your first customer! :)


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