1) What are some “big kid” activities you love to do that keeps you youthful?

Honestly, exploring. I’m an island girl so there is always something new to discover in NYC. I absolutely love playing dress up, playing with makeup, switching out different wigs/hairstyles. (an occupational hazard clearly lol). Also, I thoroughly enjoy music especially if it’s my fav Trap, Rap, RnB or Hip Hop Artist… makes me feel so carefree!

2) Beyond modeling, what are some cool projects, hobbies or side hustles you’re working on?

The hustle never stops. I am always dabbling into something new or old. Hobby wise I’m working on diving back into writing and blogging on my website. Maybe some blogging soon too. I am currently in pursuit of entrepreneurship.. working on a couple of projects that I will launch on my website soon! I recently challenged myself to read a novel, short story or essay a month about African History & Culture just so that I can learn more about my ancestors. I’ve got some pretty dope retouching skills too. 

Stay in the know with what I’m doing through my blog on my website and my instagram (follow me luvz!). Look out for Vlogs by Kaye Li soon xo. 

3) Part of what’s so great about being a model is having a following on social media. What are some important messages you try to pass on to your followers?

I try to pass along the message that I tell myself everyday. Never give up. Especially working in such a competitive industry, you may get discouraged and life will throw a whole bunch of curve balls at you but, persistence is key to success. My motto: “be so good they can’t ignore you.” Also, laugh.. have fun, be bold and stand up for yourself. -I love this and absolutely love your motto. Being a model in NYC is definitely competitive and can definitely get you down, but reminding yourself to be strong and shine brightly is something I think we could all implement into our lives:)

4) You’re flying to a new city for a couple days of work. It’s a short trip- what are you packing?  

Apart from the essentials (my phone and laptop, their charges and headphones). I’m throwing in some coconut oil, definitely sunglasses, jeans, a pair of heels and sneakers. Oh, and something comfy. I always over pack so…. more than likely taking too much stuff that I always end up using.

 5) The fashion industry is quite wasteful, yet some companies and brands are trying to make a difference. Whether it’s a clean beauty brand or an ethical/sustainable company, do you have any favorites that stick out?

Amore Pacific- is a plant based clean beauty brand that I swear by! Some of their ingredients in the products are green tea, bamboo sap and reg ginseng. I wear Sandy Baker Jewelry a lot. She uses natural resources (mother of pearl, coral and red sponge) and transforms them into modern wearable art. A sustainable fashion brand that I’ve worked with, Eleventy USA prides themselves on responsible luxury. 

6) What are some of your go-to self-care rituals?

DIY face masks, candles, and flowers (always!), long walks, music, bubble baths and mani pedis.  


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