1) What are some “big kid” activities you love to do that keeps you youthful?

I love to do things that scare me. From skydiving to stand up comedy and any challenge between! Reminding myself to be spontaneous and learn new skills always helps me feel like there is so much to discover. Also, a movie night with fresh out of the oven banana bread can always do the trick. -Wow I love how you choose to live your life! Doing things that scare you are definitely challenging for obvious reasons but as my boyfriend always tells me, if you’re in your comfort zone (that’s fine) but you’ll never move forward. Cheers to getting out of our comfort zones and living life on the edge! Also always down for a fresh piece of banana bread!!!

2) Beyond modeling, what are some cool projects, hobbies or side hustles you’re working on?

Where to begin! I am in school to become a health coach and getting my bachelors in Nutrition as well. Modeling has helped me discover my passion for food and public health and I am so thankful for that. In the near future I will be creating produce bags out of recycled fabrics to make shopping locally and organic easier without using plastic. They will contain tips, tricks and maps to a healthier lifestyle and shopping with the environment in mind.  I also have a blog where I post about food, fashion, skincare, travel and overall thoughts on beauty. I hope to inspire people to become advocates for their own health and to utilize the resources around them to create a healthier and happier life. ODM/ODC does this so well!  -I love this idea!! Combining what you’ve learned from modeling and your schoolwork and creating a new product that will benefit others is incredible and is exactly what we strive for with ODM/ODC, influencing our community from everything we’ve learned along our sustainable journey.

Website and blog is under a little construction but will be done soon! 
Instagram: Molly_Ertel 

3) Part of what’s so great about being a model is having a following on social media. What are some important messages you try to pass on to your followers?

I feel like an echo of so many models saying this but the importance of confidence and being yourself. Social media can be a place of inspiration and connection but at the same time draining and unrealistic. Sometimes it is out of our control but as little editing as possible is so significant in my opinion. I felt so alone with my insecurities growing up and still do sometimes! But seeing someone with that same insecurity use it as a strength or not care and post it on social media can do so much good. Also promoting health and self care! 

4) You’re flying to a new city for a couple days of work. It’s a short trip- what are you packing?  

Some hydrating skincare and a good book for the plane (right now I’m reading Marilyn in Manhattan). My favorite black heels and a pair of jeans with two tops and one workout outfit! A bright lip to change my look and my camera. 

 5) The fashion industry is quite wasteful, yet some companies and brands are trying to make a difference. Whether it’s a clean beauty brand or an ethical/sustainable company, do you have any favorites that stick out?

-Naturopathica is the skincare I can’t seem to be without. They don’t use harsh chemicals and endocrine disrupters and use recycled packaging for their products whenever possible. Plus it smells amazing. 
-Amberlight Beauty has a serum I am obsessed with called once in a blue moon. 
-Thrift stores and consignment shops! I find most of my favorite pieces there. 
-Zero Waste Daniel is an amazing business that makes clothes out of scrap material. The designs are fantastic and original even their basics! 

6) What are some of your go-to self-care rituals?

- taking a day to explore the city off the grid without my phone and see where it takes me!

- baking and cooking 

- volunteering with animals (cause really who wouldn’t feel better after that) 

- candles, face masks, meditation, tea

- being creative in a way I haven’t been in a while. Whether it’s doodling, sewing, painting, clay etc. mixing it up feels good! 

- making a new outfit from clothes I already have


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