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Hey! I'm Britt,  Co-founder of  ODM/ODC (Off  Duty Model, On Duty Citizen). My mom and I, both creative entrepreneurs wanted to use our connections and experience in fashion and business and create something special together. With ODM/ODC, we’re hoping to transform the way you think and act as a conscientious consumer. We’re providing you with an outlet to get that perfect model off-duty model style, without having to worry if the things you buy were made ethically or sustainably. We’re going to do the thinking for you!

What was originally planned as a brand that would help women achieve an off-duty style with the perfect white tees, boyfriend jeans and tank tops quickly transformed into a movement towards spreading awareness about sustainability in fashion and our everyday lives.

In the midst of brainstorming the beginning stages of ODM/ODC, I was invited to hear supermodel activist, writer and producer Cameron Russell, at an intimate talk for models in New York City. I was absolutely thrilled, as she has been a big inspiration for me as an incredibly successful model turned businesswoman.

She talked about our responsibilities as models to use our following from social media and spread whatever it was we were passionate about. Models are often considered disposable and she was making it her mission to give us the strength to become more than our often, short-lived careers. Cameron was empowering us to step up and speak up for whatever it was we believed in. She had done it and so could we.

Our industry is incredibly powerful in spreading trends by industry influencers, especially models who have thousands of followers. For Cameron, she used her passion for women’s rights in media along with the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry to earn her own Ted Talk and spread her message to the world. (Read her story here.Although I had my assumptions that fashion couldn’t be good for the environment, I had no idea it was one of the dirtiest industries, some arguing almost as bad as the oil industry.

It was from that moment that I felt ODM/ODC had to be done with an emphasis on sustainability. Rather than just a brand that would help women achieve style with ease, it became imperative that our brand focused on style and sustainability. I didn't want to be part of the waste problem, which hurts our environment, I wanted to be part of a solution! After her talk, I went home and immediately googled “how to start your own sustainable fashion brand". Lucky for me, I found an online course, Factory45, that helps entrepreneurs achieve exactly that. Applications were opening later that month. It was meant to be.

With ODM/ODC we want to share with our community ideas about sustainable living, ethical fashion and everything in between. It’s a learning curve for us but we vow to be completely transparent about everything we learn along the way. ODM/ODC is for the young and young-at-heart fashion conscious women who want to always look put together with ease and who care about their environment.  




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