1) What are some “big kid” activities you love to do that keeps you youthful?

I love “nerd” activities. Visiting historical sites/museums, watching documentaries… etc. I’m not sure that keeps anyone youthful, except maybe in the sense that it’s the adult version of a field trip.

2) Beyond modeling, what are some cool projects, hobbies or side hustles you’re working on?

Approximately 7 years ago I founded a company called Fashion’s Fight. We just wrapped production on our latest PSA for the National Foundation for Cancer Research. Fashion’s Fight works with charities by bridging them with celebrity spokespeople, creating marketing campaigns and producing print and video ads. If you’d like to check out what we’re working on you can visit Fashionsfight or @FashionsFight on Instagram.

3) Part of what’s so great about being a model is having a following on social media. What are some important messages you try to pass on to your followers?

Social media has changed the industry since I started modeling. It has become tricky for models who are using social media for work purposes to convey a realistic image, while maintaining a presence that keeps them relevant to clients. I’d like to say “just be yourself”, but that would be grossly oversimplifying things. I try my best to balance modeling images (work) with real life posts about my other businesses, projects, a little of my personal life and of course my dog Smoosh.  I’ve just found it easier to post what I like and want to share than adhere to what the industry wants models to be on social media. -I think that’s the best balance we can give! Show what work we have that we’re proud of but to show the whole picture of what makes Shannon, Shannon! I think it’s a bit of a double-edge sword… while it’s tough to be truthful and portray the real image, it also gives models the chance to showcase our whole package beyond a pretty picture:) Like your work for fashion fight!

4) You’re flying to a new city for a couple days of work. It’s a short trip- what are you packing?  

I hate packing and carrying big bags through the airport. For work trips I typically just throw a few basics in a carry on bag (black jeans and plain t-shirts). I always travel with a snapback or beanie hat so I don’t have to fuss with my crazy hair (who knows what they are going to do to it when you’re shooting). I don’t like to travel with a lot of make up, just the basics including mascara and cover up usually do the trick.

 5) The fashion industry is quite wasteful, yet some companies and brands are trying to make a difference. Whether it’s a clean beauty brand or an ethical/sustainable company, do you have any favorites that stick out?

I love this question! Fashion should be about feeling great and confident in what you’re wearing and that means something different to everyone. I happen to love hand-me-downs. I steal a lot of my brother’s comfy sweatshirts and t-shirts that would otherwise sit in his closet or be thrown away. I cut them up and customize them to give them my own feel. What I love most about it is that what I’m wearing has a story behind it. Similarly jewelry from a company like MAIK NYC, who employ local designers in African countries, aids a cause and has a neat backstory as well. 

6) What are some of your go-to self-care rituals?

I really had to think about this question. There is no one thing that comes to mind except “everything in moderation”. I think this is an entirely underrated concept now a days. We are inundated with extreme notions of what self-care is and what makes us “better”. People are in the gym 7 days a week looking for their perfect body or on crazy diets to be “healthier”, a new beauty regiment or product comes out every day...etc. It all seems like too much.  For me, a self-care ritual isn’t found in a gym, diet, self- help book or a spa. It’s about reminding myself not to get wrapped up in the whirlwind around me. -I LOVE this and couldn’t agree more. We often think in extremes, zero alcohol for the month, gym everyday like you mentioned but I think the healthiest thing we can do, and the thing I end up doing when I’m happiest is finding balance. Have a drink, do a light workout, skip a day, etc. :)


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